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About Circuit

Circuit is an on-chain collateralized stablecoin protocol built on the Chia blockchain.

Users can borrow Bytecash (BYC), the USD stablecoin issued by Circuit, against XCH, the native token of Chia.

1 USD is equivalent to 1 BYC

Circuit is being rolled out on testnet11. The app allows you to interact with the protocol. Check out our Getting Started guide, and give it a try!

Bytecash is a Chia Asset Token (CAT). You can get your wallet to recognize BYC coins by registering the token's asset ID. While on testnet, the asset ID may occasionally change. Please use the latest version:

  • BYC03: 91bfdb4a750308c25b12d0f787309df590a4cad80e7466accdd99b1d1759d9e4 (testnet11, Circuit deployment v2)
  • BYC02: skipped
  • BYC01: 1763a32f8a9c66f256d8b4631226870ee63dfcfd9668f83c6f75b98f82dc791f (testnet11, Circuit deployment v1)

For questions, feedback, feature requests or bug reports, please contact us on Discord or send an email to [email protected].