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About Circuit

Circuit is a DeFi protocol built on the Chia blockchain.

Specifically, Circuit is a collateralized debt position (CDP) protocol that allows users to borrow Bytecash (BYC), a USD stablecoin issued by the protocol, against XCH, the native token of Chia.

1 USD is equivalent to 1 BYC

For a 1-page introduction to how Circuit works, please see the Litepaper.

True DeFi with a true DAO

As a DeFi protocol, Circuit is:

  • permissionless
  • censorship-resistant
  • immutable, with the exception of certain parameters that can be adjusted by governance

Governance is conducted fully on-chain via Circuit's governance token CRT. In particular, CircuitDAO, the set of all CRT tokenholders, is a true decentalized autonomous organization without any legal entity behind it.

Getting Started

Circuit is live on testnet11. Head over to the Getting Started guide to dive right in!

The User Guide provides an overview of protocol functionality and terminology.

The Technical Manual was written for advanced users that want to gain a deeper understanding of the protocol's inner workings.

The Chialisp code of the puzzles used by protocol coins can be found in this Github repo.

Bytecash Asset ID

Bytecash is a Chia Asset Token (CAT). You can get your wallet to recognize BYC coins by registering the token's asset ID.

On testnet, the BYC asset ID may occasionally change. Please use the asset ID with the highest version number:

  • BYC03 asset ID (testnet11, Circuit deployment v2): 91bfdb4a750308c25b12d0f787309df590a4cad80e7466accdd99b1d1759d9e4
  • BYC02 asset ID: skipped
  • BYC01 asset ID (testnet11, Circuit deployment v1): 1763a32f8a9c66f256d8b4631226870ee63dfcfd9668f83c6f75b98f82dc791f

For questions, feedback, feature requests or bug reports, please contact us on Discord or send an email to [email protected].